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Eye exams are comprehensive evaluations of your visual function and eye health. All exams start with a basic questionnaire about your eye and medical history as well as your family history to find out what your visual needs may be. You can find our forms to fill out online here.


After your paperwork has been submitted, your exam starts when a staff member brings you back for your pretest measurements. The first test is with our autorefractor that estimates your prescription based on how light focuses in your eye. Our automated lensometer will be able to measure your old glasses which is helpful to see how your vision is changing. The retinal photo is taken next if you opted for that choice. You'll be taken to the exam room where Dr. T will ask more questions about the reason for your visit and perform simple tests to better assess how to help your vision. 


The refraction is the main test to determine your glasses prescription. At VISION+EYES, we use a state-of-the-art electronic Topcon phoropter that is controlled by Dr. T on a remote console. You'll look through our electronic phoropter and be given a series of choices to find the best focus for your glasses. Our electronic phoropter is able to dial in a more precise measurement for your glasses to achieve a sharper image than older manual machines. Once the measurements are done, we can compare the new prescription to your current glasses to see how the new glasses may be sharper than your old glasses.

Ocular Health Evaluation

Your eye exam ends with an evaluation of your ocular health. Dr. T uses a slit lamp microscope to examine your eye under magnification. The front of your eye from your eyelids and eyelashes to your corneal surface and iris is checked for any issues. Dr. T will evaluate your internal eye structures like the crystalline lens, retina and optic nerve. The retinal photo can assist this internal evaluation by capturing an image of your retina that can be viewed without having to focus a bright light into your eye for an extended time. This image can also be compared to any future images for any potential changes. An eye pressure measurement will be taken with our iCare tonometer. There is NO AIR PUFF with this test as it is a soft rebound probe to measure your eye pressure.

Your eye exam is done at this point! Dr. T will discuss all the findings with you regarding your eye health and glasses prescription. He will recommend the best options for your glasses from the material or coatings and answer any questions you may have about your eyes and eye health. You are ready to step into the optical to try on glasses where our helpful opticians can assist in finding a frame for you and ordering the lenses.

Schedule your eye exam now with Dr. T by booking online here or calling our office at 512-953-8178.

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